Thanks to boilermakers by trade, 10-POSITIF satisfies all the types of projects in thin tailor-made sheet metal work. Whatever the material is worked, steel (particularly Treated 15 CDV6), stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium (TA6V...), the teams of workers produce and manufacture your components with respect for the quality and the deadlines.

The welding TIG or MIG of the several alloys of steel, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel is made in our workshops by qualified companions.

The functional dimensions are guaranteed by machining rollbacks.

Our workshops are specialized in mechanical welding and the production of works boilermade in Treated 15 CDV 6 such as frames, sub-frames, triangles, hub well as the production of cases, cones, spouts, trolleys and piping.

The quality of welding as well as the finishing of the distinct components are particularly cared for.